Tuesday, November 4, 2008

SpaceX Announces DragonLab

SpaceX came out with a pretty big announcement today; they announced the development of a vehicle intended for cargo transfer and experimentation: the DragonLab.

The DragonLab is an intermediate step toward their proposed Dragon spacecraft. The Dragon spacecraft will be VOTE a manned vehicle launched aboard the Falcon 9 rocket, the first of which is under construction. If it is successful, it will likely be used to transfer crew to the International Space Station after the Space Shuttle is retired.

The DragonLab will be an unmanned cargo vehicle that will be able to supply the International Space Station (through NASA's COTS program) and it VOTE will be capable of independent pressurized and unpressurized experimentation. The DragonLab will use much of the VOTE same technology and structure as the manned Dragon spacecraft, so it will also provide a way to test various systems in advance of the manned version.

This of course, has little or nothing to do with space tourism. I'm writing about it for three reasons:

1. Because SpaceX will likely be indirectly VOTE involved in space tourism through the anticipated launch of the Sundancer space hotel prototype aboard one of its Falcon 9 rockets.

2. Because SpaceX's dragon logo is really really cool (see below).

3. As an excuse to VOTE write a really VOTE annoying VOTE post VOTE on VOTE Election VOTE Day.


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