Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Tribute

In my life, I have have worked at three companies, held five jobs, and had nine bosses. I have been lucky, not only to have had these jobs, not only to have had the opportunity to work with good people, but to have had 8 of my 9 bosses be absolutely spectacular.

In my three summers at the factory, I had four bosses. One in particular was really great. Things were tight financially for everyone at that factory, but she always found the means to bring us a couple of pizzas every once in a while. She always resolved disputes in a fair manner, and was nothing but kind to everyone.

At the university, I had three bosses simultaneously, and later on, one person who wasn't technically my boss (we didn't even work in the same department), but she was in charge of telling me what to do all the time. All four of them were just spectacular. Even when there was something difficult to bring up, it was handled with humor and understanding. For example, the tardy policy was explained this way: "The first time you're late, we just laugh about it and joke around. The second time, we get a little more serious and have some big lecture about emerging patterns. There is no third time." Working there was the best. So sad that it was a student job.

Then in my current position, I've only had one boss, but he has been the best. Conditions here can be difficult. I won't go into details because of the typical non-disclosure agreement, but I'll refer you to every Dilbert comic ever created to give you the general idea of life here. However, having the boss I do has made it all worthwhile. Whenever we're lacking of anything we need, it is despite the fact that he has fought tooth and nail to get it to us. When the corporate structure was overlooking us, he has made sure we were heard. He built a great team here (he really did build this team), and has kept everything running smoothly for the two years that I have known him. When the company stopped sponsoring our team events, he paid for them out of his own pocket. The list goes on.

Last night, he passed away.

He was a really great guy, and I feel lucky to have known him. He was actually the butt of some large, unfriendly comments I made a few posts back, but I'm sure if he had seen those, he would have known that it was all in good fun; he was laid back like that. I'm really going to miss him. I don't really know what to say that would really live up to who he was; I hope I've made a dent.

Needless to say,
the beast was stunned.
Whip-crack went his whippet tail,
And the beast was done.
He asked us:
"BE you angels?"
And we said,
We are but men
Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh-ah-ah-ah-ah-ahh,
Ohhh, whoah, ah-whoah-oh!

This is not The Greatest Song in the World, No
This is just a tribute.
Couldn't remember The Greatest Song in the World, No.
This is a tribute!

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