Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rocketplane Announces Space Weddings

Well, it was inevitable, but now it's official. Rocketplane Kistler, creator of the upcoming Rocketplane XP spacecraft, has announced the availability of space weddings.

The cost of the weddings will be about $2,200,000, and will include everything from the reception to the wedding dress to a ride into space. Because the "space" part of the flight only lasts a few minutes, most of the ceremony will be held on the ground, with the final vows being completed during the flight. The first space weddings are expected to take place in 2011.

And on the space honeymoon front? Well, a NASA adviser has a few things to say about that. Yes, that is inevitable too.

Progress: 4.03%  Flight Time: 0:06:05

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