Friday, August 15, 2008

So, I've bought some Wiis?

Um, yeah.. within a couple of weeks, I'm going to be the proud owner of three Wii game consoles. This is something I've always wanted to do, but never bothered; to buy up some hot items during the summer and put them away just to eBay them a couple weeks before Christmas. But now I've gotten around to it, and I am giving it a whirl.

I had to buy the game consoles up in bundles; it's still almost impossible to find *just* a Wii. I tried for two weeks before giving up and going for three bundled systems. But that's alright; I figure I can sell off the bundled bits as well in convenient combinations during the holiday season. And maybe I'll keep a couple of the extra controllers for myself.

So why did I do this? Well, I'll answer with my seventh rule for getting into space:

Rule 7: Always Watch for Ways to Make a Little Extra Cash.

Another way to put that is the ninth rule of acquisition: Opportunity plus instinct equals profit.

Yes, I went there.

Anyway, if I make anything on this, I'm going to put it into my solar panel savings, but the rule still applies. And honestly, I feel a little guilty about worsening already dwindling supplies of something everyone wants to make a little profit, but, what can you say? At least I'm doing it to save the environment... there's always that.

Progress: 4.03%  Flight Time: 0:06:05


ToadLee said...

I noticed you were interested in using solar panels and i think that it is a great idea. I have already started to build my own and it really isnt as hard or expensive as you would think. I am even using a windmill right now to help power my ac unit. Anyways this is where i got started and thought that you should check it out.

Joe Space Tourist said...

I appreciate the advice! Just three problems:

1. I'm planning to have the solar panels professionally installed at the same time I have my roof redone. Building codes around here say it has to be done by a professional to have it grid-tied anyway (which is what I'm planning).

2. I've already built a small solar setup that I use to recharge batteries for all my devices, so I already know how to do that.

3. I'm not inclined to pay $50 for a set of instructions when I can find others for free online (such as the instructions I used to build my smaller setup).

But thanks anyway!