Friday, November 13, 2009

An Open Letter on the App Store

Dear Apple,

I am severely disappointed in the App Store approval delays and mistakes. I am not even an iPhone developer, but I have been inconvenienced many times by these issues.

Parallel Kindgom is a great cross-platform multiplayer online game, but it has taken you longer than two weeks to approve the newest expansion. This means Android users will be able to get in the MMO's new version to expand their territories and advance in the game while we iPhone users are locked out and will be forced to play catch-up when the app is finally approved.

RSS Player is an app that was submitted, was accepted, but due to a signing error while putting it in the App store, people who purchased it weren't able to download it. The developer tried to get Apple to correct the error, but in the end, he had no choice but to resubmit the app. Now the new submission has been rejected because of a tiny picture displayed for two seconds as part of the intro screen that has been present in all previous versions. Now people who paid for the app over two weeks ago will still not be able to use it for at least another two weeks.

I am beginning to regret getting an iPhone.

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