Thursday, June 17, 2010

We elected this guy for what?

Time to get all political in here.

After some consideration, I've decided that I'm appalled by Obama's recent Oval Office speech. He said they're trying to figure out what caused the spill, but didn't call for the requirement of safety measures that would have prevented this spill. He said they're trying clean up the spill, but didn't call for BP to stop using the dispersants that are super harmful and making cleanup much more difficult. He mentioned that the House passed legislation to encourage clean energy development, but didn't call for the Senate to consider it, which they have not.

He talked up a lot of great-sounding plans, but didn't call for any of the measures that would be necessary for those plans to become reality.

What did he call for? He called for us to pray. And that is all.

I can't help but to notice that prayer doesn't reduce corporate profits. Just saying.

Trip to Space
Progress: 6.47%  Flight Time: 0:09:42
Solar Array
Progress: 6.47%  Power: 65W

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