Wednesday, April 30, 2008

First Commercial Chartered Space Flight

Sorry I haven't posted; I was away on a business trip. But I'm back now, so without further ado:

Virgin Galactic announced a few days ago that an unnamed Dubai company paid the equivalent of $500,000 to charter an entire space flight on a SpaceShipTwo craft. This marks the first spaceflight to be completely chartered by a private company. This could be significant, as it may pave the way for similar chartered flights in the future, injecting much-needed cash into the space tourism industry.

Few details were provided by Virgin Galactic, but they did say that the flight was chartered for the company's management, and while the flight will be capable of taking six passengers, as few as two may go.

Hmm... I wonder how long it would take to ascend the corporate ladder at my company... Do I even want to? Probably not. I despise corporate politics. Still, if any of you out there are in a top-level position with a wealthy company, it's a thought...

Progress: 3.73%  Flight Time: 0:05:35

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