Thursday, May 1, 2008

Falcon Launch Site Blown Up

Haha, okay, that title is a bit misleading. Well, maybe very misleading. But I couldn't resist.

In all seriousness, workers at Cape Canaveral blew up the Titan 4 mobile launch platform, located at Launch Complex 40. This platform has mostly been used for military Titan launches, but it has also been used for some NASA launches, including the Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn.

The demolition is the first step in the preparation of the launch site for SpaceX's launches of their Falcon 9 rockets, currently being developed and assembled. Much of the plumbing and electronics at the site will be re-used. Falcon 9 launches have been ordered by both military and private sources, including Bigelow Aerospace, who will likely launch a human-habitable inflatable space station prototype on one of the rockets sometime around 2010.

Oh, and here are some awesome pictures of destruction:

Images credit Spaceflight Now

Progress: 3.73%  Flight Time: 0:05:35

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