Monday, May 5, 2008

Starting a business!

Well, I'm doing it. A friend and I are going in together to start a business. For the record, I've started one before (with a different friend), but it was just a small affiliate website that never really went anywhere. It still exists, but we've kind of lost interest, and neither of us have worked on it in many months. However this new one is going to be a lot more serious! We're setting it up a formal LLC, and we're going to get business cards and maybe even an 800 number! Look at us; we're important business people!

My main goal for this business, actually, is to have what I make from it pay for part of my solar panels that I hope to install in the summer of '09. It's the sort of business that doesn't require much initial investment, so if it fails miserably, we won't be at much of a loss. However, if we even have a small amount of success, it could be very, very good. We'll see!

Progress: 3.73%  Flight Time: 0:05:35

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