Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Win a Trip to Space!

After all this talk of religion and politics, its past time for me to get back to some space tourism news. It looks like there will soon be a new way to get to space, and on the cheap!

A company called Space Miles (IOM) (which is, by my count, the thirty-third company interested in one way or another in getting you to space) has announced that plans are nearly complete to hold a series of lotteries with the grand prize being two tickets for a suborbital trip to space!

Frankly, it was only a matter of time before this happened. Something so prohibitively expensive, and yet holds such an interest for a wide variety of people, was just begging for someone to set up some sort of lottery. I would be shocked if this ended up being the only one.

It's called The Space Shuffle Lottery. Initially, the odds of winning will be 15,000:1. They haven't released the price for an entry, but if you read their website carefully, you can calculate the ticket price at around $25 based on the information they do provide. Pretty cheap to launch your butt out of the atmosphere!

I don't have a lot of information on Space Miles (IOM) as a company, but what I do know is they were started with a very different idea in mind (and from what I can tell, they still plan on implementing it). They plan to offer a credit card, the Space Miles card, with which you can earn space miles redeemable toward a trip to space.

Personally, I won't be playing in the lottery. I'd rather invest my money and save it toward a ticket I buy myself. It's a great concept though! And depending on the terms of the space miles card, I may just have to look into getting one of those if they do come out.

Once Virgin Galactic starts flight testing later this year, I fully expect other companies with similar offers to come out of the woodworks, so I'll definitely keep this site updated with what I hear.

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