Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Catch-Up: Rocketplane Needs More Funding

Well, it was reported in mid-October (thanks again, NBC) that Rocketplane Global is having a few funding issues, possibly due to the economic downturn.

Specifically, The Journal Record, a newspaper from Oklahoma where Rocketplane is based, interviewed the company's CTO, Dave Faulkner. Among other things, Faulkner seemed to indicate that development on the Rocketplane XP had halted completely until more funding is found. Specifically, he stated:

"Rocketplane has scaled way back to the point where the company is now dedicated solely to fundraising, recently letting go of a few more part-time workers."

Rocketplane hasn't made any significant announcements since then. However, it's really no surprise that luxuries like space tourism would have to be put on hold during this economic downturn.

Progress: 4.03%  Flight Time: 0:06:05

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