Thursday, April 16, 2009

SpaceX Announces Another Two Falcon 9 Flights

Today, SpaceX announced that they were adding another two Falcon 9 flights to their schedule. Both of the flights were purchased by CONAE, the Argentina national space agency.

Didn't know Argentina had a national space agency? I sure didn't.

But that's the great thing about SpaceX. They're doing spaceflight much more cheaply than has been available in the past, meaning that smaller governments or (more relevant for the purposes of this website) private companies can purchase spaceflight services.

Both of the spaceflights will take place in 2010. If successful, the flights will launch two identical satellites into orbit, both to be used for measuring soil moisture on Earth, among other earth-observation purposes.

Yep, Argentina is launching two satellites into space to keep track of how wet their dirt is.

Insert joke here.

Trip to Space
Progress: 4.58%  Flight Time: 0:06:52
Solar Array
Progress: 3.28%  Power: 49W

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